Source Artwork for Your Hotel

Commission an Artist

These days, most hotels have a new amenity which is real art – it is not just a décor but a concept. Gone are the days when it is just poster art everywhere, where everything was on paper. Real art can enhance your business – it becomes a part of your hotel’s distinct identity.

Although a hotel is for people on the go, it is also where they stop. However, the reality is that a number of people never actually leave the hotel, except when it’s time to catch their plane home. Make artwork a significant element of your guests’ experience. It makes staying at your hotel a mentally stimulating experience for them.

If chosen well, you’ll definitely get positive feedback from people. Art can also be helpful in your marketing and promotion.

Commission an Artist

With our full project management services, Commission an Artist ensures that all of your commissions for the hotel are completed on time and within budget. From standard pictures, drawings, painting, prints, sculpture through bespoke wall murals tailored to suit any space of your hotel, we apply a level of detail that high quality art deserves.

If you haven’t commissioned an artist before, or you are looking to simplify the process, just ask us! We love our job and we love bringing your art ideas to life!

Whether you need artwork for your lobby, your restaurant, your hallways, or your rooms, we got you covered. We make it easy by providing art ideas that match your overall décor.

A positive first impression is essential. The visual impact of your hotel plays a huge role in that first impression. What do you want yours to be?

Let’s create something perfect today. Click here to tell us the art solution that you are looking for.