Why Buy Art?


When viewing or shopping for art, among the roadblocks to enjoyment is being focused on the good versus bad artwork story. Despite generations of dialogue amongst art enthusiasts – critics, collectors, connoisseurs and beginners alike – seldom will they agree on what’s good art and what’s bad art. Art may be a subjective medium – open for interpretation by all who see it. The reality is that once it involves art, good just means that “I like it” and bad means that “I do not like it”.

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Some folks respond best to an exact material, color palette, or style. Maybe you like landscapes as a result of your passion for the outdoors. Or maybe you’re keen on up to date art that uses vivacious color and as a result of it causes you to feel alive and energized. The wonder of art is that no 2 folks can respond to it the same way. We tend to bring to the table a special set of likes, dislikes, experiences, memories, and expectations that form the approach we respond to art.

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The bottom line is that there aren’t any rules to purchasing art. There’s no proper art or quite wrong…there’s no good or bad art. Do not concentrate on the potential worth of it years from now or whether or not the piece fits the present trend. You’re real investment is your style, your purpose, point of view, and ultimately, your pleasure. If you’re in love with it – buy it…for yourself or someone you care for!

I buy art…

…for birthday presents
…as an investment
…in a heart beat
…all of the time
…because art makes life better
…that supports emerging artists
…that doesn’t break the bank
…to feed my brain
…to give to my mates
…when I celebrate something goof
…that reflects how I think
…to fill my apartment
…that I can share with my friends
…for wedding presents (instead of toasters!)
…because posters are crap
…to understand the world more
…to give to my friends