The Ultimate Guide to Commissioning Original Art Pieces

Have you ever thought of creating a painting for a special person or for a place in your home, but didn’t quite know how to go about it?

People commission pieces of art for various reasons. It can be for their homes, offices, as a present for themselves or for someone special. Birthday presents, new home, wedding lists, Christmas present, leaving or retirement present for a colleague are just some of the examples of why people have requested a special painting or art piece from artists.

Here is a quick guide on the art commissioning process:

1. Know the details of the commission – Answer these questions yourself so you are able to clearly convey your expectations to the artist. You can request a completely new piece or you can use an existing piece of art as inspiration.

  • Where or who is it for? – Art piece that is inspired by family, pets, place, hobby, or memory.  Be sure to provide a photograph.
  • What size? – The size of an art piece does not define its value. However, its size is very important when considering which wall or room you want it for.
  • What image? – Remember that the artist cannot read minds so if you want a painting of a photograph, try to be clear about any alterations you have in mind.
  • What medium? – It could be oil, pastel, pencil, charcoal, watercolour, tempera, mixed media etc.
  • When is your deadline? – Is there a special date such as an anniversary, birthday or retirement?
  • How much do you want to spend? – Establish your budget and stick to it. Every artist sets their own prices, and they vary based on the nature of the commission request. Look for artists working within your price range. If your budget is tight let the artist know. He or she may be able to work with you to let you know how to decrease your costs.
  • Should it match your decor? – What colours will the artist need to consider to use or leave out? We don’t want you to have to redecorate your room for it to work! 🙂 Provide a Pantone color or photo of your room and you can also share a link to an image of your furniture.

2. Choose an artist whose style you love, and whose style fits what you are looking for… OR better yet find a professional firm who can act as an intermediary between you and the artist– Once you submit your request, the artist will reply back with a proposal that includes the cost of the project, which you can accept or reject.

3. Details have been approved and the artist begins work – Given you and the artist agree on a price at this stage, you will receive progress images throughout the process to ensure that the final product will be something you are completely happy with.

Always communicate with the artist. Also, remember that this is a collaboration between you and the artist, trust them to make the right aesthetic decisions for the art piece.

4. View completed piece – After the work has been completed, you will then approve the final image of the artwork. When you make any purchase you need to fall in love with the piece of art that you are buying. If the artwork inspires in you a strong feeling and you can imagine enjoying it in your home, then proceed with your purchase with confidence.

5. The artist insures and ships the art directly to you – Once the painting is complete, the finished artwork is given to you.

Final reminder: Always have an idea of what you’re looking for and find the artist whose style best matches your vision. Remember, this can be an heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation. After all Mona Lisa, the Girl with a Pearl Earring and the Arnolfini Marriage are all examples of commissioned artworks.

People have been commissioning artists to make new artworks for years. It is a great way to support artists and to purchase an art piece that is specific to your requirements.

At Commission an Artist, we can work with artists on commissions of all kinds – paintings, drawings, limited edition photographs and even sculptures! We manage the entire project for you from start to finish.

With our help, it is possible and simple to commission an artist to create something specifically to fit your criteria and budget.

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